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A laboratory refractometer is an instrument used to measure the refractive index of a substance. It measures how the light is bent as it moves through a specific substance. There are different types of refractometers, such as brix scale, salt refractometer, and abbe refractometer. These are used to measure liquids, gases, and other forms of transparent or translucent gemstones. We offer great quality at good prices, so whether you want to buy an Abbe Refractometer or simply looking for used refractometer for sale, we are certain you will find something to your liking. Simply scroll down to find your desired category.

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NY Scopes offer a wide range of laboratory equipment and especially refractometers, including handheld refractometers, salinity refractomters as well as Abbe and Brix refractometers. Most of their products come with high quality and decent prices.

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How Refractometers Work

When light enters a liquid, the direction changes. This occurrence is called refraction, and a brix measurement is gathered through the use of proper refractometer calibration. Furthermore, refractometers also measure the degree of how the light changes direction, better known as angle refraction. Through this, a refractometer obtains the refraction angles and relates them to a refractive index value that has already been made. With these values, it’s possible to determine the concentration of solutions. For instance, solutions have a wide range of refractive indexes based on their concentration in water.

The prism found in a refractometer also has a better refractive index as compared to the solutions, wherein, the measurements are interpreted based on the point where the solution and prism meet. In a low concentration solution, the refractive index of a prism is usually greater than what the sample has. This creates a larger refraction angle and a low reading at the same time.

Refractometer Calibration

Before one can start taking readings, it’s very important to calibrate the refractometer. This can be done using a special calibration liquid, while some use distilled water for this purpose. Start the calibration by lifting up the daylight plate and place several drops of distilled water on top of the prism assembly. Close it up, and let it spread across the surface. It would take around 30 seconds before a reading can be obtained. For more exact directions, contact the supplier from which you buy refractometers.

where to buy a refractometerBrix Refractometer

A brix tester or brix refractometer is an instrument used to get the measurement through the refractive index of an item’s brix level. Additionally, despite the fact that a brix meter is best known for measuring liquids, it could also be used to measure solids and gasses as well. That said, a brix refractometer is often used in laboratories. This type of refractometer can also be used in the gelatin industry, and to convert the refractive index of a gelatin to a gelatin concentration, it should be multiplied by eight-tenths, wherein, a sol that has a 10.0 brix would have an 8% of gelatin weight.

Abbe Refractometer

An Abbe Refractometer is specifically designed to offer a refractive index measurement, as well as a brix measurement for semitransparent, transparent, and solid substances. This instrument, even the digital refractometer, can be connected to a thermostatic bath in order to obtain accurate measurements. For that reason, an Abbe Refractometer is commonly used in pharmaceuticals, oil industry, paint, chemicals, food processing, gemologic applications, sugar refineries, and various research centers in general.

Salinity Refractometer

A salinity refractometer or salt refractometer is utilized to monitor, measure, and modify the concentration of salt water and brine– making it a very useful tool for marine applications and aquariums. A state-of-the art refractometer measures on two refractometer for scales, parts per thousands, specific gravity, and it could also replace the poor quality and impossible to read hydrometer. With just a few drops of aquarium water, it’s possible to determine the salinity with a salt refractometer.

digital handheld refractometerPortable Refractometer

A hand held refractometer offers automatic temperature compensation. This type of refractometer can be used in the field or in the lab. For instance, a hand held brix refractometer could measure the freezing point of water mixtures.

Buying a Refractometer

During the search of the best refractometer, there are plenty of things that you should consider before you buy refractometer that’s perfect for your needs.

Temperature Compensation

Most refractometer for sale has a refractive index of a liquid that doesn’t only change with density, but the temperature also changes. A lot of refractometers have automatic temperature compensation (ATC) and they’ll give the same value over different practical temperatures there is. Aside from that, an ATC is a form of convenience that should definitely be considered because it has a number of advantages and benefits that can be provided to the owner.

Units of Measurement

A lot of refractometers available are usually dual-scale instruments that show results in both Brix and specific gravity units of measurement. Wherein, a lot of people usually opt for the express density, but some laboratories would rather use brix. As a matter of fact, for those who are not aware, Plato and Brix are closely related, and these 2 units have an equal reading.

For those who are used to working in specific gravity units, then it’s important to pay close attention before pulling the trigger, especially if the refractometer looks to good to be true. Most of the time, it wouldn’t really meet your expectations at all. Likewise, working with Brix doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds; there’s always a huge possibility that you’ll learn how to use it.

Final Gravity Adjustment

One area where the hydrometer stays on top and superior is when the refractometer is measuring the final gravity. However, unlike reading a hydrometer that simply floats in the mixture of sugar, water, and ethanol that’s better known as beer, using a refractometer can get a little tricky at times.

To outwit that, it’s important to have an idea about the gravity of the original wort, and a conversion should be performed after. Something like this can be calculated by hand, or with the help of tools, such as a BeerSmith that has a refractometer calculator that would be doing everything for you.

Refractometer Price and Where To Buy a Refractometer

The refractometer cost could range between $7,000-$14,000 for large manufacturing companies in search of quality and stringent quality guidelines. Wherein, the higher the cost, the more superior the refractometer is. We recommend NYScopes, they have high quality refractometers to good prices.

Lastly, the best refractometer is usually a simple tool that allows you to have accurate measurements, especially of liquid substances. Although it definitely wouldn’t replace a hydrometer, if you have the knowledge needed, you’ll be able to use it effectively and it could turn into a valuable investment.

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