Aluminum Powder


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More About Aluminum Powder

Aluminum powder was originally produced by crushing the metal in a stamp mill to get aluminum flakes. Later on new methods came and now the whole process is far much easier. The powder is produced by using a gas furnace to melt aluminum ingot. The molten metal is then sprayed into a fine powder under high pressure. The metal has a silver-white color that is a found in group 13 in the periodic table. Aluminum is a good conductor of both heat and electricity. This method of production gives two types of the powder which depend on the type of atomizing gas used on the nozzle of the blower while blowing the molten metal.

Uses of Aluminum Powder

Aluminum powder uses include the production of a diverse assortment of products such as solar panels, suntan lotion and lightweight concrete. It is also a key ingredient in the production of fireworks and explosives. It is also included in a myriad of paints and sealants.

Aluminum powder is used most impressively when its ability to produce exothermic oxidation-reduction reactions is exploited. When mixed metal oxide is mixed with aluminum powder it gives a powdered compound that can burn brilliantly and produce a lot of energy in a short span of time. This is the concept used in producing flash powder which is a mixture of potassium perchlorate and aluminum powder. The two have a vigorous reaction which produces a flash and a bang.

Explosives that use the powder for its vigorous reactions when mixed with other compounds are much safer to handle. This is the reason why fireworks use aluminum rather than any other metal.

Rocket fuel is also produced using aluminum powder. A lot of times solid rocket fuel is usually aluminum mixed with other chemicals that will produce the right kind of reaction. It can also be added to liquid rocket fuel as well.

Aluminum powder is also used as a key component in metallurgy. The method basically involves addition of the powder to a molten metal. High-tech equipment the powder can also be used to manufacture component parts directly.


A lot of paints also use aluminum powder. Its purpose when used with such paints is to give the paint a metallic sheen. Aluminum can make the paint look more appealing by producing a spectacular silver appearance.

Aluminum Oxide Powder

The compound is a result of mixing aluminum powder with oxygen and has the following chemical formula; Al2O3. It is found more abundantly than other oxides and is specifically referred to as aluminum (III) oxide. Aluminum oxide is the key component that stops metallic aluminum from weathering. As a metal aluminum is very reactive with atmospheric oxygen and reacts to form a small layer that stops further oxidation. A number of metal alloys use this property and are coated with the compound for protection.

Dark Aluminum Powder

Is also known as flash powder and is mainly used for the explosive effect of the reactions of its compounds. The powder can be made using potassium chlorate, potassium nitrate and sulfur. These mixtures are mixed in different ways to produce varied effects. Some are used for the loud bang produced when the reaction occurs and some are used for the light they produce. As such, flash powder can be used for illumination and was used in cameras in the past.

Powder Coating

This can be done for reasons such as protection or a shinny appearance. For all said uses the aluminum powder is mixed with compounds to form oxides which in the case of protection react poorly. Powdered coating for paints is usually meant to give the paint in question a shiny look such as that used for car paints and such. If you are asking yourself the question ‘can you powder coat aluminum?’ then by now you have a clear answer. Powder coating aluminum is possible the only difference between what kind of chemicals you use is the final effect.

Powder Coating Equipment

Powdered coating is done using spray equipment since the powder is blown as a fine mist. The most important things to have for such a task is a paint gun with the right kind of nozzle, an overall and goggles. This kind of spray coating is usually done in industries.

Powder Coating Colors

There is no limitation as to the type of color one chooses to use for spray painting. The variety of colors is only limited by the individual’s taste and preference. However, one thing that is important to note is that these colors are not always suitable for any kind of spray paint job. For instance a color that would look amazing on a car may not necessarily work as well for a building.

Where To Buy Aluminum Powder

There are a lot of places where you can buy aluminum powder in the internet. One, however, needs to be careful with the source since being a chemical compound getting the wrong thing may have serious repercussions. If you are wondering where to get aluminum powder then there are sites such as eBay and Amazon that have legitimate sellers with a quality grade of the powder.

If you feel that buying is a long process and you do not intend to go out to look for it you may as well make some for yourself. As you may recall aluminum powder was made using mechanical methods in the past. This is the same way to make some home-made aluminum powder. Break some solid aluminum into tiny pieces and blend these to get the powder. The more you blend them the finer the granules will be.

Aluminum powder price range varies with the manufacture and the amount you intend to buy. The price ranges from $100-$1000, the reason for this big variation is due to quality and compounds used.

Aluminum powder can be used in a lot of scenarios therefore finding it the market should not be hard. When you intend to use it for small tasks the best way to get some would be to make it yourself as this would cut the cost of getting a high quality product that you do not necessarily need.