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Laboratory Incubators For Sale

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Incubators For Lab Use

Science aficionados will tell you that culturing and incubation are among the most delicate processes in the lab. To successfully incubate a culture and get dependable results, one heavily depends on well calibrated and up-to-date equipment. In this line of work, a scientific incubator is an invaluable tool. The three disciplines of science that call upon incubators the most are molecular biology, microbiology and cell biology. The type of cell incubator that you would typically find in a well equipped lab would either be a simple machine with a few functions or a more elaborate one that has the wherewithal to alter multiple environmental conditions as well as provide extra features that make it unique.

In its very basic form, an incubator is simply an insulated box that can adjust temperatures as you please. Usually, a lab incubator is meant to keep temperatures at 60-650°C. However, there are those that function contrary to the heating incubator and instead are equipped with a freezing system. Such incubators will normally be used to culture mammalian cells that do well in significantly lower temperatures.

The newest arrival of in this form of technology is the incubator shaker which comes in handy when there are extraction procedures or bacterial suspensions involved. The device is also useful in work concerning soil analysis. There are 3 types of shaker incubators which include;

  • Bench top incubators
  • Chamber incubators
  • Floor standing incobators

laboratory incubator for saleShaking Incubators

These incubators can also be referred to as environmental shakers. Their areas of application involve cell aeration, cell culturing and solubility studies. This is the kind of cell culture incubator that uses orbital agitation at different speeds to influence growth in cell cultures. A good shaking incubator should have a way to adjust the length of strokes so that it can be useful for varied cell types and applications. Other features that are characteristic of shaking incubators include; a microprocessor to adjust speed and temperature, independent alarms and a shaking platform. These lab incubators can be used for metabolism studies, cell aeration, increasing rates of solubility and incubating bacterial cultures among other uses. The typical Shaker incubator price ranges from $500- 3000. The range in pricing is due to the design features for each model.

lab incubator for saleCarbon Dioxide (CO2) Incubators

Any traditional laboratory will have a CO­­2 incubator. These have been used for the longest time to for various cell and tissue cultures. They are used because they can mimic the natural environment of the cell. To achieve an environment that is as close as possible to the natural environment of the cell, these incubators control such things as temperature, humidity and CO­2 concentration. There are advanced devices that can also control the nitrogen and oxygen content. In the process of in vitro fertilization, the CO2 incubator plays a great role as it is where embryos develop before they can be placed back in their mothers’ wombs for further development. The incubator also aids in cancer research as a tissue culture incubator.

The science fraternity has a lot of professionals in different fields. Each of these disciplines requires specialized equipment for the work they do. Microbiologists in particular have their own kind of tissue culture incubators. There are two types with different capabilities in terms of incubation. These two are the bacteriological incubator and the BOD incubator. There is not much of a difference-but that is only something only a layman would say. The little tinkering that makes them varied makes a great difference when the actual incubation takes place.

Bacterial Incubators

This is the ideal device for growing bacteria in a controlled environment. The main purpose of the incubator is to maintain a certain temperature that will favor bacterial growth. Some features that you are likely to find on this kind of appliance include; temperature sensor and controller, heating apparatus and double walls for insulation. Devices that have extra features may also be equipped with an interface for recording data and a device to store data among other things meant to reduce the researchers’ involvement in the culturing process.

BOD Incubators

In, full it is called a Biological Oxygen Demand incubator and can also be referred to as a low temperature incubator or refrigerated incubator. It works much like a bacteriological incubator except it has a different temperature range. It takes the name BOD incubator since it is designed to provide the right temperatures for biological oxygen demand testing which usually lies within the range of 20-250C. A typical BOD incubator boasts features like a digital PID controller which allows for meticulously monitored temperature control. The device has a circular chamber to stop contamination of samples and forced circulation of air for uniformity of temperature levels. These incubators can be used in fermentation studies, plant cell growth, mycology studies and BOD determination of waste water among other uses.

Laboratory Incubators For Sale

Needless to say, the integrity of samples cannot be understated. Having equipment that can guarantee results is a top priority to any laboratory worth its salt. If you are obsessed with the quality of your samples as most professionals are, then you have to find yourself a trustworthy supplier. The best suppliers stock only top-of-the-range lab equipment and their incubators are no exception. Should you find yourself rummaging around looking to find an incubator for sale, Always pause to think about your needs and budget. All this talk about high quality equipment may have you thinking that there is nothing in your price range. On the contrary, you will find our prices to be most competitive.

Any type of scientific research that takes you to the lab will most probably require you to use one type of incubator or the other and sometimes multiple incubators. As such, these devices have found numerous uses, some which do not concern science as much as others do. The best range of superior lab equipment does not only include incubators but lots of other lab paraphernalia as well. Most indicators find use in hospitals, schools and other institutions that foster the advancement of science and technology.